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I am Phil Walter and live in the beautiful retirement area in Sun Lakes Arizona located just southeast of Phoenix. Growing up on the East coast and Midwest I was exposed to antiques and collectables through my parent’s hobby and part time business. I had a woodworking and re-finishing shop in Michigan and began to learn and respect the value of properly restoring antiques. In Arizona, I became a general contractor doing re-model work. While working as a contractor I learned to use various tools of the trade.


Six years ago, I decided to combine these two passions and opened Mantiques. Mantiques allows me to combine my love of tools, antiques, restoration work and being self-employed.


Nick Smola is my nephew and has been working with me since our inception. Nick has gained a wealth of knowledge in a short period time and does most of our E-Bay work, restores tools, and is learning the art of picking.


We at Mantiques believe in the 3 R’s – Recycle, Repurpose and Restore. The tools and antiques that we acquire are part of our history. The tools I work on built this country and want to be restored and go back to work. Feedback from my customers tell me that they purchase most of them to use not display. Some items are just too far gone, broken or obsolete. These items can often be repurposed or incorporated into industrial art work. Scraps or otherwise useless items can be recycled and once again become useful.


Thank You for visitingMantiques and we hope to meet you soon.